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finally getting back to playing [23 Nov 2008|10:03pm]


Almost four months ago, my right thumb was hyperextended by a defender who kicked it after somehow not hearing me calling for the ball.  A month after that, i went back to play and an attacker dislocated my left thumb when he beat me to a ball i dove for.  So i've been recovering since then, and my thumbs aren't quite 100%, but they're well enough to play, so i'll be going back to my team for the next session, which probably starts the second week of December.  In the meantime, i'm going to physical therapy tomorrow... i hope it helps.

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[01 Jan 2008|08:52pm]

 Name: Alli
Location: Missouri
Age: 16
How many years have you been playing soccer?: 11
How many years have you been playing goalie?: 11
Some things you like:  Saving pk's... best feeling in the world.
Some things you dislike: When people foul the goalie... we have the right away in our box people! :]
Anything else you'd like to say?: I blame my self too much, and i hate it.
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[01 Jan 2008|08:45pm]


i am a sophomore in high school  and played varsity last year as a freshman. i am sooo nervous for tryouts this year. last year i only started 2 games varsity and played about 7 games for second half. i also played 4 games jv for the second half for their injured goalie. i wasn't half as nervous in those games and shut out 3 of the 4 halves. i let in one total and stopped 2 penalty kicks. why can't i do that on varsity!?! most of my problem is my nerves, and the pressure and blame i put on myself. i need to learn to relax... any advice or stories on how i can do just that?

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college? [31 Dec 2007|09:09am]

Random question, but does/did anyone here play in college? If so, where?

Right now I'm playing D3 at Drew University in NJ.
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[31 Dec 2007|01:16am]

[ mood | discontent ]

 Name: Katie
Location: Florida
Age: 15
How many years have you been playing soccer?: 8
How many years have you been playing goalie?: 3 or 4
Some things you like: about goalkeeping? its hxc
Some things you dislike: about goalkeeping? sometimes the blame is put on me
Anything else you'd like to say?: I play Varsity level for my high school, and I'm a freshman. I have a 50/50 chance of becoming the starting keeper permenently, though I have started more than half the games this year.

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books? [30 Aug 2007|12:12pm]


Do any of you have any books about goalkeeping that you would recommend?

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paul robinson scores from wayyy out [28 Mar 2007|02:48pm]


The stuff of dreams and nightmares, eh?

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Hahahaha, whoops. [20 Jan 2007|07:59pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I've been playing soccer for nearly nine years now, all outdoor except for last fall's and this winter's indoor seasons, and today I ended up getting my first-ever yellow card. Playing INDOOR soccer. As the GOALKEEPER. What the hell?

I know it was deserved, though, even though I didn't mean what I ended up doing. This guy was barreling down the floor and I had no idea where my defence had gone, so I ran up to challenge the guy, with my feet since I'd probably have ended up being outside the crease. Somehow missed the ball entirely and ended up catching the guy on the leg somewhere and tripping him. According to my mom, it looked like he took a dive, but I knew that I did end up tripping him, and it must have looked really malicious to the ref.
It was kind of awkward, getting carded. The ref is also a player and we'd played his team in our last game on Sunday (that really awesome game I wrote about in here a little while ago). And I think his dad is their coach, who had complimented me greatly after that particular game...Agh.

I was pretty pissed, nonetheless, but I was satisfied later when I was playing out on defence in the second half and ended up making one of the other guys limp off to the sidelines for a break. He had managed to beat me twice in the first half so I made a point of blocking him. And then he ended up getting a yellow card himself as soon as he'd come back on for trying to push me over. I felt better then. =P

*sighs* I was almost afraid to play on the floor in the second half, as I'm pretty aggressive when I'm on defence. But I didn't get in any more trouble, so it was alright. And I managed to really piss off the opposing strikers by getting the ball from them every time they tried to get it around me to get to the net.

I just hope that my teammates remember when and how to drop back tomorrow, the team we're up against has a few players on it who I know and who are quite good. I've managed to keep our other goalkeeper safe when he's playing in net but somehow when I'm between the posts my defence gets lost. Meh.

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An excellent game [14 Jan 2007|07:02pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Earlier this evening I played one of the best and most intense games I've had in a while. My head's still screaming at me. From start to finish in each half the action was non-stop. I played out on defence in the first half, as there's two of us kepers on my team, and was in net for the second.

Holy crap. I'm so glad my defence knew what they were doing. If it hadn't been for them I probably wouldn't have done as well. I almost got out of the half with a clean sheet except for one shot in the last few minutes of the game, which came from the defender being caught off-guard, and it was a sharp angle as well, so I'm not really that surprised I missed it, although I wish I had. All the same, it was one of the best games I have ever played. Even though we lost (3 or 4 to one), it was a personal best for me. I made a lot of really great saves.

I'm pretty proud of myself, as 2006 was an absolutely awful year for me goalkeeping-wise, and I've made a point of making sure I bounce back and do well this time around. So far so good.

I received a great compliment from the other team's coach at the end of the game. When we shook hands with the opposition, he actually shook my hand (instead of just low-fiving like all the players do) and said "Great goalkeeping." I thanked him, and then was chatting a bit with a few teammates, and he asked my mom if I played outdoor as well, she said yes, and he told her (and I) that I should be playing in all-star or something. He was talking to us as I was getting my jacket and things together before leaving the gym and he said "I find with a lot of girl keepers, they don't really have the hands-" making some goalkeeper-like gestures - "but you, you've got the hands." He's a goalie himself, he said, and so he's always looking at other keepers, to see what they're like. Like we all do, right?

I wasn't that physically tired afterwards, but that was probably the most mentally taxing game I've ever played. Ever. It was so intense that I didn't have a song going through my head, like I always do even if things are getting a bit nuts. But I loved the pressure. And I'm so glad I managed to leave all my old crap from last year behind and rise to the challenge. It's about time I had some really good self-confidence, I've been rather lacking in that area lately.

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[18 Oct 2006|06:27am]

article on keepers:

go here
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New experience. [06 Oct 2006|09:31pm]

[ mood | content ]

The Fall-Winter co-ed indoor soccer season started up last weekend. It's a very new experience for me, as I've never played indoor soccer before, except for those random gym classes, and we all know how messed up those are.

The first thing that surprised me wasn't to do with the game itself, but the fact that there were apparently two other keepers on my team. You'd be lucky to get one usually, but now we had 3. However, one of them we didn't see during either of our games that weekend, so myself and the other keeper traded halves.

After 8 years now of playing outdoors and only playing inside in gym class, it was really different for me. 5 people were on at a time, plus the keeper, making six. And the rules were totally different. One I forgot twice during our first game, which is the "blue-line rule," where there's that certain area of the floor marked out by a line where you aren't allowed to pick it up. Heh, whoops. The second game was fine, though, remembered the rules, and therefore didn't ended up frustrated at the end of my half.

So far we've done well. First game was a draw at 2, both myself and our other keeper missed 1 shot. Second was a 3-0 win. Playing again tomorrow, we'll see how that goes...

One thing I don't like about this (short) season is that in the U14/U16 leagues there's only four teams, and so we'll be encountering the same three teams over and over again. It doesn't really surprise me, though, it is a very different game.

Where's everyone gone?!

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[23 Aug 2006|11:40pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I had a really good game earlier this evening. It was our last game before the end-of-season tournament this weekend. It went alright, we won 3-2.

I think it was the other team who scored the first goal, and it was pretty sketchy. Someone kicked it from a bit behind the center line in their half, and it went really, really high in the air. I get myself all ready to catch it, back up as far as I thought I needed to, and the bloody thing goes behind me, hits the crossbar, and bounces in. Major what-in-the-name-of-god-just-happened moment. I was disgusted, swore quite a bit after that. We ended up scoring two back in that half, though, which made me feel much better, alongside the few really great saves I managed to make.
Second half, they got in their second one on me. It was one of those where the main action is on one side of the net, and by some weird occurence one of the other team's players manages to deflect it off their foot into the other side of the net and you have no idea what happened because you thought you had it covered. Eff. This came after our third goal, though, which was similar to the first one scored against us, only it was really close to their net and one of our forwards kicked it up fairly high and it slipped in to hit the crossbar at that angle where there's nothing you can do to get it out.

I'm not exactly sure how we managed to win that, to be honest. The whole team seemed to be really off their game. The forwards, not so much, though there were too many times where there was nobody close enough for someone coming up the side to pass it to them for an opportunity. Our midfields kept crowding together at the center to get the ball away and it'd end up off to one of the opposing forwards, who'd manage to bring it in past the defence, since they weren't watching their marks too well, and they'd get in really close before I had to step up or one of the defenders managed to get something together and get the ball away. We were really out of it, didn't put enough pressure on the other players when they had the ball and we let them play with it too long and set something up, and then there's the thing with letting them get in too far. I'm not much of a shouter usually, only to call out to someone to watch this or that person or keep an eye on the center and that, but I found this time to be different, and was constantly calling to people to watch their marks better and make sure they got in front of people and to challenge the ball more, don't let it get past you, and I remember saying "Where are you up there?" to the players up in the other half because we'd have one forward going along the side without any support at all, and she'd end up getting taken over by defenders and losing the ball.

We did win, though, by some miracle. I sincerely hope we manage to clean up our act before our first game on Saturday.

Now that I'm done ranting...I did a lot better today than I've done for most of this season. I've been terribly off for a lot of our games so we haven't been doing too well. I'm glad we managed to end on a higher note this time.
I'm thinking that it might be due to lack of practice, my having not done so well. I only know one person who's at all interested in soccer and we haven't been able to arrange anything this whole summer. Thankfully we've managed to get something planned for tomorrow, though, so I can actually get some practice in before our last tournament.

I need to go to bed, it's now past 12 AM. *yawns and stretches* G'night all.

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insult + injury [14 Aug 2006|08:19pm]


This has actually happened to me, although in my case the ball actually went in.  Good thing i was wearing goggles... but i was still pretty pissed off.

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[06 Aug 2006|10:20pm]

Name: We'll just go with the LJ s/n.
Location: USA -- that's right, I'm one of the few soccer/football lovers in America.
Age: *cough* Moving on...
How many years have you been playing soccer?: Since I could walk.
How many years have you been playing goalie?: As my primary position, 9 years.
Some things you like: Pressure. Leading the team. The pure physicality of the position.
Some things you dislike: The one thing I miss when I'm in goal is the thrill of the chase.
Anything else you'd like to say?: Any opinions about the best pro goalkeeper of '06?
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N00b [06 Aug 2006|01:41am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey. Don't know why it took me so long to find this place, but here I am.

Name: Denbigh

Location: Sydney, Australia

Age: 18

How many years have you been playing soccer?: 3

How many years have you been playing goalie?: 3

Some things you like: Being under pressure, being able to dick around if they put me on the field, talking to my players, talking to opposition players (well...saying stupid things to them)

Some things you dislike: Keeping to corners, taking goal kicks, people always going "omg, I don't know why you'd want to be the goalkeeper"

Anything else you'd like to say?: I think, looking that the interests, that I'm going to fit right in here. A few weeks ago I got studded in the face. Fun stuff.

my club- Baulkham Hills AAL4 (lol)
clubs I go for - Bayern Munich, Sydney FC
countries I go for - Australia, Germany, the Netherlands

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[30 Jul 2006|01:48pm]


Name: Chantel R.
Location: Ottawa, ON , Canada
Age: 15..16 in november
How many years have you been playing soccer?: 10
How many years have you been playing goalie?:6
Some things you like: The adrenaline rush. Making a great save. watching your goalie punt fly. Penalities! Everything about it. Goalie shopping :) watching Buffon play(my fav keeper in the world, but Brazil's my team) Going to goalie camps. Winning..or losing a good game. My team. being the last man back, on a breakaway, it all comes down to you. SHUTOUTS! theres not much to not love about soccer, and playing goalie. Its the toughest position on the field by far ( i've played every other position too) most def. the most challenging, but it's so rewarding.
Some things you dislike: Strong wind. that sound when the ball swooshes by you and drops in the net. Not playing well as a team. But..i learn from those moments..so theres not much to dislike.oh..when the net sucks..like its not tied back properly and it just flops behind..that always bugs me.  
Anything else you'd like to say?: I love soccer. its the best sport in the world..I love watching it, playing it, soccer icons, everything. I watch english premier and Italian series, i coach the younger teams at my high school, play premier competitive, a mens pickup league lol, and another pickup game every sunday with some of my brazillian friends. Soccers not just a sport, its a lifestyle. Ive never seen a community only for soccer goalies...this is awesome.
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[28 Jun 2006|12:20am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey all, new member here =)

Name: Rebecca
Location: St John's NL
Age: 15
How many years have you been playing soccer?: Eight.
How many years have you been playing goalie?: Five.
Some things you like: The beginning of the summer soccer season - the excitement of getting ready for the game after it being a long time since you've played. The adrenaline rush while hauling your gloves on and taking your place in the net. How since my fourth year playing soccer, when I started playing goal for full games (this was my first year we played a full 30 minutes before half-time), my coaches are always so happy that I actually like playing the position since it's often hard to find a keeper.
Some things you dislike: Spraining my wrist. Last summer was the first time since year 4 I didn't sprain my wrist, hoping it won't happen again. Having to be sidelined for the rest of the season two years ago after I fractured my finger. I'd JUST gotten back into my regular position from having my wrist sprained (sigh) and then had to come off the feild period..Also my fear of having to play elsewhere this season. We just started on the 26th and so we'll be rotating people around on the feild to find what works, and I'm afraid that if I mess up one too many times (I'm a bit rusty since I don't play indoor during the fall/winter, think I should sign up this year), I might be taken out, and I don't want that to happen. I don't think there's any other keepers on my team though...
Anything else you'd like to say?: I had the weirdest dream last night that I was playing with Germany at the FIFA World Cup, which is weird since I'm a chick and was myself in the dream. I was also playing center defence, too. It was really random...

Anyway, this is all for now, seeing how it's 12:30 AM...

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Hey, I'm a new member... [22 Jun 2006|12:27am]
Name: Katie
Location: Mississippi Gulf Coast-the land that used to be.
Age: 18
How many years have you been playing soccer?: um...11 years
How many years have you been playing goalie?: 6 or 7
Some things you like: the way teams come together, having courage, being "in the zone", great dives, great saves, reflexes, when people believe in you, when you prove yourself to those who don't, knowing you left it all on the field.
Some things you dislike: coaches who don't care, refs who don't call anything, refs who call everything, when cocky strikers think they can beat you, when they can, that feeling of knowing you should have had that one, regret, self-doubt.
Anything else you'd like to say?: Uh, Hello fellow keepers. nice to meet you.
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i think i can confidently say... [31 May 2006|08:23pm]


... that this has never happened to me.  And i sure hope it never will.

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new stuff [15 Feb 2006|03:39pm]


I got tired of getting rug burn on the side of my thighs, so i got padded shorts. Since that meant i wasn't wearing sweat pants, i bought some new long socks to go over my shin guards. Oh, and my wife got me new gloves for Xmas. And yesterday i picked up new shoes after my 14+-year-old shoes finally ripped.

Nike Total 90 III IC black shoes

So what happens? The team captain wants a friend of his to play in the goal, and he asks if i mind playing the field. What the hell?!?

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