echodontpee (echodontpee) wrote in hxc_goalies,

Hey, I'm a new member...

Name: Katie
Location: Mississippi Gulf Coast-the land that used to be.
Age: 18
How many years have you been playing soccer?: um...11 years
How many years have you been playing goalie?: 6 or 7
Some things you like: the way teams come together, having courage, being "in the zone", great dives, great saves, reflexes, when people believe in you, when you prove yourself to those who don't, knowing you left it all on the field.
Some things you dislike: coaches who don't care, refs who don't call anything, refs who call everything, when cocky strikers think they can beat you, when they can, that feeling of knowing you should have had that one, regret, self-doubt.
Anything else you'd like to say?: Uh, Hello fellow keepers. nice to meet you.
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