ghj (x_chanty_x) wrote in hxc_goalies,

Name: Chantel R.
Location: Ottawa, ON , Canada
Age: 15..16 in november
How many years have you been playing soccer?: 10
How many years have you been playing goalie?:6
Some things you like: The adrenaline rush. Making a great save. watching your goalie punt fly. Penalities! Everything about it. Goalie shopping :) watching Buffon play(my fav keeper in the world, but Brazil's my team) Going to goalie camps. Winning..or losing a good game. My team. being the last man back, on a breakaway, it all comes down to you. SHUTOUTS! theres not much to not love about soccer, and playing goalie. Its the toughest position on the field by far ( i've played every other position too) most def. the most challenging, but it's so rewarding.
Some things you dislike: Strong wind. that sound when the ball swooshes by you and drops in the net. Not playing well as a team. But..i learn from those theres not much to dislike.oh..when the net its not tied back properly and it just flops behind..that always bugs me.  
Anything else you'd like to say?: I love soccer. its the best sport in the world..I love watching it, playing it, soccer icons, everything. I watch english premier and Italian series, i coach the younger teams at my high school, play premier competitive, a mens pickup league lol, and another pickup game every sunday with some of my brazillian friends. Soccers not just a sport, its a lifestyle. Ive never seen a community only for soccer goalies...this is awesome.
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